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I love food. I’m passionate about cooking hash browns to perfection and drizing just the right amount of syrup on my pancakes to create the perfect bite. After all, there are few things more satisfying than biting into a burger to find it cooked just right.

As a chef and restaurant owner myself, I sometimes wonder where this love of food began. For that, we need to take a trip down memory lane to a time where my experience with good food began.

Our journey begins back in time to a little place in California called Auburn.

See, my grandparents Bud and Kathy Hodges lived in Auburn. One day they decided they wanted to make a difference. They wanted to give back to the community in a way that spread joy.

The only thing left to uncover was how.

The answer? They opened a diner called Grumpy’s.

For 30 years, my grandparents owned and operated Grumpy’s. From day one, they were dedicated to serving up warm, home-style meals, for everyone who walked through their doors.

My grandparents are one of my greatest inspirations. Through the year I learned tricks of the trade and what made their food one of the town favorites. I learned which ingredients to pair together, when to take risks, and when to keep a classic, a classic.

One day, I followed in their footsteps, opening Hangry’s in 2019.

My goal was to make Hungry’s one of the best places to eat in Spokane. Using family recipes I learned from my grandparents, I set out to make the best breakfast, burgers, brunch, and lunch. Only a short while later, Hangry’s was turning out to be the hub for Spokane dining I always imagined.

With a name paying homage to my grandparents as much as our home cooked meals, we carry on the legacy of excellent service, amazing food, and local fresh ingredients. Whether you are looking for the best burger in Spokane, a stack of pancakes, or even a classic shake, we keep something on the menu for everyone.

After all, it’s part of our manifesto.

It’s real, quality, good-mood food.

Just like my grandparents taught me.


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Restaurant Reviews

  • Amazing food! Just like most hole in the wall places, this one is a dream food place! We wanted to try something new and we could not be happier we found this place! Will definitely be back for more!!!

    William Banks Avatar
    William Banks

    Oh my goodness! By far my new favorite burger in Spokane! Their cheese curds are seasoned to perfection, the onion rings were delectable and the burger was a spiritual experience! I need a nap now

    Jonathan Parker Avatar
    Jonathan Parker

    This may very well be the best food around! No doubt the interior could use an upgrade, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this place! The staff was as amazing as the food! I highly recommend Hangry's.. oh and bring your appetite.. if you leave hungry, you're doing it wrong! Thanks guys for the amazing experience, we will be back!!!

    Indoor and outdoor seating.. okay parking!

    Dejoni Absher Avatar
    Dejoni Absher

    Amazing food! Great place, top service, hot food with fresh ingredients. Service was top notch. Wonderful little burger joint!! If you leave hungry, it's your own fault!!

    Juli O'Connor Avatar
    Juli O'Connor

    Loved this place!! Burgers were awesome! Ordered online with such ease - and then picked it up and had a picnic with our girls in their grassy area! A great little burger joint.

    Annie May and Chad Thompson Avatar
    Annie May and Chad Thompson

    Good little diner.
    I ordered the misfire with onion rings and a strawberry lemonade and my wife ordered the same burger with loaded fries and a chocolate milkshake. I was surprised at the freshness of the ingredients. The burger looked like a picture from a magazine and was a really good burger. The onion rings were fresh from the frier. Knocked off a single star just because they weren't following mask mandates

    Xavier Meyer Avatar
    Xavier Meyer

    Awesome food! Great service. Variety of good things on the menu. We haven't been disappointed yet.

    Thomas Skenandore Avatar
    Thomas Skenandore

    Love love love this place my wife and I have there a couple times. This time around we took our family from Idaho and they loved it also and if you understood my family and how picky they are. You would understand how hard it is to impress us that being said this place has amazing food and the atmosphere is grate as well we will have our family brunch here as much as possible

    robert taylor Avatar
    robert taylor
  • These owners are rock stars!! They have made my family food since soon after they opened. Never had a bad meal there. Breakfast is like what my farm raised mom used to cook. The brown sugar bacon cheese burger is off the charts. The guy can flat out cook. For those worried about masks, there is always Swanson pot pies? Stay home. These two have been providing a public service and risking it all to do it!!

    mike kelley Avatar
    mike kelley

    Giving this place 3 stars because 2/3 of our meals were good. When we first discovered this place we were stoked! We got breakfast and it was beyond amazing and we were seriously impressed! The breakfast has never been bad for us. We decided to order lunch one day and we haven’t been able to go back since. We decided to get two burgers, garlic fries and one order of fried pickles. When my fiancé came home with the food he mentioned he spent $72 + tip for our meal and we couldn’t figure out why. After opening the bag of food we realized they gave and charged us for four boxes of fried pickles with the two burgers and garlic fries. We figured that was our mistake I guess and decided to say whatever - we were hungry! As we started to eat the food we were not impressed. We barely ate the burgers and fries and tossed both meals. Super disappointed- it tasted so weird! We decided to just eat the pickles which were great but thinking about fried pickles now makes me sick after that experience. After paying extra and then tossing all of the food we haven’t been back. Will continue to come for the breakfast but that is it.

    Veronnica Hawkins Avatar
    Veronnica Hawkins

    First time eating here and I'm impressed. The burgers are fantastic, and those buns! Fries are great too! Can't wait to try out the breakfast side of the menu.

    Brian Auer Avatar
    Brian Auer

    I had Hangry’s for the first time and it definitely won’t be the last!!! Phenomenal food!!! Best burger ???? ever!!! Awesome French fries and everything was fresh and cooked perfectly!!! So many awesome things to choose on the menu! Can’t wait to try some more of Hangry’s great food ????????

    Lorna Johnson Avatar
    Lorna Johnson

    Absolutely unbelievable! The food is so on point at this place! Absolutely delicious. Ordered it to go a few times and finally sat down for a meal in the building last night. Great service, great food. I've seen reviews of people complaining about the price. If you want fast food quality and fast food price, go get fast food. If you want unbelievable food priced very well, go see these folks and you won't be disappointed!!

    Jeff White Avatar
    Jeff White

    I got the patty melt with fries and the hubs got a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. Everything wasn’t just good, it was excellent! The ingredients were fresh and excellent quality. No wafer bacon and no soggy bun! The rye bread they use for the patty melt I think comes from alpine bakery and is to die for, love that they use local bakeries. Can’t wait to try some breakfast! Keep up the great work!

    Janet Picacio Avatar
    Janet Picacio

    WOW! My 1st experience and Hangry's started with super friendly mom and pop service, then my order was up in no time and it finished with one of the best burgers ever!
    The Smokehouse Brisket (without coleslaw) was like a super mega bacon burger! In fact if you like bacon burgers don't eat this burger because it ruin other future bacon burgers for you. Looking forward to my next meal there!

    Tony Villelli Avatar
    Tony Villelli

    Phenomenal burger joint. The service was top tier, and the food was the best I've had so far.

    Each item the wife and I ordered was prepared perfectly. The onion rings were golden brown, & the shoestring fries were crispy. Nothing had an oily taste, and the blacktop items were perfection.

    I ordered the Hangry Burger, and the wife had the Cheeseball. The veggies were crisp, the sauces were vibrant, and the condiments on the burgers were dead on.

    Definitely going back to try their breakfast.

    Vagelie Karatzas Avatar
    Vagelie Karatzas
  • Was looking for a burger that was better than normal fast food places, this was definitely the right place. Nice burger, fluffy bun, excellent garlic fries. The best part might have been the service. Will have to make this a regular stop.

    Sean Ota Avatar
    Sean Ota

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