Welcome to Hangry’s

No matter who you are, it’s difficult to beat good breakfast food. Whether you’re in the mood for strips of bacon and breakfast sausage, or a simple scrambled egg, breakfast gets you going. Oh– and for those with a sweet tooth, we’ll make some french toast just for you. We have Spokane’s best breakfast.

  • Absolutely unbelievable! The food is so on point at this place! Absolutely delicious. Ordered it to go a few times and finally sat down for a meal in the building last night. Great service, great food. I've seen reviews of people complaining about the price. If you want fast food quality and fast food price, go get fast food. If you want unbelievable food priced very well, go see these folks and you won't be disappointed!!

    Jeff White Avatar
    Jeff White
  • I got the patty melt with fries and the hubs got a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings. Everything wasn’t just good, it was excellent! The ingredients were fresh and excellent quality. No wafer bacon and no soggy bun! The rye bread they use for the patty melt I think comes from alpine bakery and is to die for, love that they use local bakeries. Can’t wait to try some breakfast! Keep up the great work!

    Janet Picacio Avatar
    Janet Picacio
  • WOW! My 1st experience and Hangry's started with super friendly mom and pop service, then my order was up in no time and it finished with one of the best burgers ever!
    The Smokehouse Brisket (without coleslaw) was like a super mega bacon burger! In fact if you like bacon burgers don't eat this burger because it ruin other future bacon burgers for you. Looking forward to my next meal there!

    Tony Villelli Avatar
    Tony Villelli